• Miramar, Florida Commissioner Maxwell Chambers on “How to Sexually Harass Women in the Workplace!”

      Miramar, Florida Commissioner Maxwell Chambers on “How to Sexually Harass Women in the Workplace!”
      By GayLord Jacobs

      August 30th, 2018

      Miramar, Florida City Commissioner, Maxwell Chambers, is in a well-deserved bucket of horse manure!

      Not one, not two, but three… three women have accused him of either inappropriate physical contact, language, suggestive behaviors or treatment.

      Now, if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times. We all know that some people (men and women alike) see an opportunity to receive a pay day, so they lie, lie, liieeeeee their way into being a victim! But in this situation, I don’t think that that’s the case!
      These women are allalleging that the Commissioner has either exposed some part of his nakedness to them, has requested to touch them inappropriately, has copped a free feel by hugging them, or has subjected them to lude and/or derogatory commentary. Nah, they ain’t all lying!

      Under his supervision, one of the complainants reportedly had to work eighteen straight days. And, upon raising the issue to the Commissioner, he told her “if that means I do not have a day off, just consider that job security.” Bullshit! She wasn’t working eighteen straight days under a Declaration of a city or state emergency. She was working eighteen straight days because her boss aspired to be an egomaniacal sadist or some shit!
      Another complainant reports that, due to a former coworker’s termination for filing a complaint against the Commissioner, she now feared for her own employment. I think that we can reasonably surmise that, not wanting to continue to work in such an unsafe environment, and to salvage her professional reputation, is why she submitted her letter of resignation.
      However,upon the Commissioner finding out that she’d submitted her resignation, he ordered that she be terminated. Effective immediately! He stated that her productivity was lacking! Now, if you want to hide behind the guise of firing someone because their work ethic was subpar, then so be it if the person has already been fired and you have documentation to support your actions!

      But, if a person’s work habits are so egregious, with no supporting documentation in their file, and that same person has formally submitted their letter of resignation to their employer, most employers would be happy as hell! The soon to be former employee would even be ushered out the door with a fair, farewell! Who the fuck would care that they were able to find another job? This isn’t brain surgery. It’s government employment! The important thing would be that they were NO LONGER YOUR PROBLEM! But, in the case of Commissioner Chambers, this clown jumped out and fucked up her resignation by firing her first! Now that was some personal shit!

      Another complainant, an assistant city manager, filed a complaint regarding the Commissioner wanting to be too touching feely with her. And guess what happened to her? He demoted her thus ensured that she received a pay cut by $70,000.00! Yes, seventy thousand fucking dollars!

      Of course, the Commissioner alleges that these women are all lying. But consider the source. This statement is being made by a guy who acknowledged to his Boss that he didgreet one of his female colleagues with the salutation of “what’s up sexy.” His defense in the matter, “I didn’t mean anything. I was just saying hello.” Hell, if that’s how he treats his female equals, then you already know how he’s treating female subordinates! Are you guys seeing a pattern yet?

      This clown should be fired, and part of his penance should be to pick up trash along the highway. And if we’re lucky, that dick will get run over by a hardcore feminist! Maxwell Chambers…You got issues!