• Attention troops, Nazism is still a thing!

      July 4th, 2018

      Attention troops, Nazism is still a thing!
      By Gaylord Jacobs

      Anti-semitism applies to all races of people who spoke the ancient Semite language as their native tongue. Purportedly, this is inclusive of the decedents of Shem.
      And, although the modern Jewry are not of true Semite lineage, (they’re more Turkish) I’m going to venture to guess that these flyers are directed towards them anyway...”
      I thought that we resolved this problem with World War II! Guess not.

      Whatever the case, only a cluster of absolute losers would waste time expressing hatred towards a group of people based upon core differences. These are their values stupid! They are not going to (nor should they ever) abandon their belief to appease the opposition.
      Get a life and stop being a moron! You got issues!

      Anti-Semitic Flyers Circulated in Maryland City