• To Be A Criminal or not to be…

      December 29th, 2017

      To Be A Criminal or not to be…
      By GayLord Jacobs

      Isn’t there supposed to be honor amongst thieves? First and foremost, I clarify, it is unfortunate when a family loses a loved one for they are the ones left to suffer that loss.

      That said, I must ask… where did he get those phones? What cellular phone company authorizes its employees to drive around during the wee hours of the night, sell phones and pose with a wad of cash for all to see? That’s a liability issue. Case in point… this young man is dead.

      News media tends to want to hop on a story, sensationalize it, and then drum up sympathy. But where’s the fucking sympathy for the previous owners of those phones!?

      Oh. I guess it’s okay that, more likely than not, they got the camel snot beat out of them before they were robbed of their property! But, because (as I’ve been told) possession is 9/10thof the law, we should just focus on the current possessor of the property. Fuck that!

      To all of you people who aspire to be the Tony Montanas, Pablo Escabars and Frank Lucas’s… digest this… you get back what you put out. So, dish it out if you can take all the shit that’s going to be served up with it! But, we already know that most of you can’t!

      Today’s lesson: If you are a predator, you will eventually become the prey. Condolences. You got issues!

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        As they say...what goes around, comes around.