• Humor Is King.....

      Humor Is King
      by GraceMan

      Humor is king because Ring, Ring, Ring is all that I hear from my cell phone and other cell phones as well! Yes, it’s another one of those pesky callers using a phone number that has no caller ID or spoofing a number that appears to be a local caller. I answer and say several times, “Hello, Hello, who is this calling me”, then I hear an odd “gulp” sound and a voice from afar. It’s the same caller from last week that resides outside of the US and he’s trying to sign me up for lower rates on my electric distribution. I just told this guy when he called me last week that I belong to an electric company that provides the lowest rates possible but he insists on knowing my name. I told him my name is, “J.J.” and of course he asked for the full name and I explained that it was John Jacob and inquired if he had a lot of room in his last name area of the form he’s completing. He was silent, especially when I told him that my name was the same as his name. I informed him that we must be cousins because my last name is Jingleheimer Schmidt and began to sing, John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, His name is my name too. Whenever we go out, the people always shout…….So much for getting that form completed when a pesky caller hangs up. Maybe next time he calls, I will be locked in an attic, in a panic, and he will be my only resource to get out safely. I have to go for now, my phone is ringing and it looks like I will be answering this one as, "This is Commissioner Gordan - Gotham City and you've called the Bat Phone. Let's all do our best to help heckle all of these annoying callers in an effort to make them stop calling.