• Drivers Really Need to Slow Down

      Drivers Really Need to Slow Down
      by GraceMan

      Where are people in this country learning to drive and what’s the big hurry all about? Let me set the stage for you so you understand my question. Yesterday I was traveling in PA on US22 to I99 and the weather conditions were deplorable. The outside temp on my car instrument read 8*F and it was flashing blue indicating freeze conditions. As I crept along at a whopping 28MPH, I could see uncovered areas of the road were a hazed solid sheet of ice while snow was falling so hard that visibility was less than a few hundred feet. Applying slight pressure on the accelerator did nothing but make the car walk diagonally across the road into the passing lane and application of the brakes sent the rear of the car into the passing lane as well as making my heart practically jump out of my chest. With all of that said, it’s obvious that a slow and steady speed was best for this travel.

      The posted speed on US22 is 65MPH and I99 is 70MPH, but I would think that intelligent people would know that speed limits are “Limits” based on best weather conditions and should be followed and not exceeded. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!, because drivers apparently are in a hurry to get somewhere and it doesn’t matter what kind of road conditions exist. I would think falling temps, icy road conditions, heavily falling snow, numerous Lighted Emergency Vehicles, State Troopers on the road yelling, “Slow Down”, multiple cars dented and in a ditch, and one car upside down on its roof would be a good indicator that road conditions were bad. Nope!, it had no impact on many drivers at all! I saw a white SUV go by at a high rate of speed and later saw it in a ditch while a State Trooper camped out with his lights and flares. A red four-wheel drive truck flew by me at a high rate of speed and I later saw it in a ditch, smashed against rocks, and the driver standing along the road and talking on his cell phone. He was probably calling Allstate to see if he was still enrolled in their accident forgiveness plan. And last but not least, I saw a little grey compact car go rushing by, only to find it on its side just a few miles down the road. I presume Geico was called for this accident because this was obviously something a caveman would do and I’m not even sure they are allowed to drive cars.

      The whole morning reminded me of the story of the Tortoise and the Hare. I was the Tortoise on a slow and steady mission and I made it slow and steadily to the finish line; however many Rabbits never crossed the finish line because they were in a big hurry and wrecked themselves. It’s time that sensible drivers be rewarded for their safe driving skills and cavemen be banned from the road. It’s too bad that dash cams are not installed in all vehicles and used in court to deter motorists from silly and unsafe behaviors. We need to keep our highways safe for everyone, especially those who work in service industries, construction, and emergencies related to highway travel.