• Michael Jackson - Legacy Challenged

      Michael Jackson - Legacy Challenged
      by GayLord Jacobs

      I think it is great that the likes of a rapist such as Bill Cosby will spend a considerable amount of time in jail. That of which will probably be the remainder of his life. And, IF found guilty of being a non- child support paying, kidnapping, pedophile, R. Kelly needs to join him! But, to move to pull Michael Jacksonís musical works and memorial is an unsubstantiated affront on an individual whom has not been convicted of a crime.

      Elvis Presley was a world known pedophile! Hell, I havenít heard anything about shutting down Graceland! And Jerry Lee Lewis- well, he was an incestuous pedophile! But, Iím still hearing Great Balls of Fire playing on the regular! This disparate treatment of Michael Jackson is some farganoggle bullshit!

      Iím sure that when it comes to the likes of Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis, the term Relativism comes into play. Pretty much meaning that, disgusting practices that were perfectly acceptable in various cultures, and in past eras, are OKAY, because, they were relevant to their time. Man, I am not subscribing to that bull -fucking -shit!!! Has it ever been OKAY for a parent to throw their child into the arms of a rapist simply because that rapist was rich and famous!? Cool.

      In the past (a long, long, long, long, time ago) some people voluntarily submerged themselves in cesspools of abominable behaviors. With Caligula as the host, and Peyton Place as the venue, those behaviors were dressed up and garnished with the utmost of weirdo enticements such as filth, pedophilia, bestiality, and just overall fucking wrongdoing! I digressÖ.Cool, no problem.

      However; as NONE of us were alive then, it is quite irrelevant to this present time period since OUR morality and legal standards have evolved!

      Moving forward, as neither of them were ever convicted; Elvis Pressley and Jerry Lee Lewis have not been subjected to having their successes stripped and erased. So, why is there a different set of rules for Michael Jackson? Is it derived from the fact that we have become such a litigious society? Or, could it be because heís BLACK after all!

      Since Michael Jackson was sued civilly, does that automatically make him guilty? For those of you who donít know, a number of public figures/celebrities, when under public scrutiny or siege, have folded. Not because they were guilty (although a lot of them really were) but because, for whatever their reasons, they conceded.

      Claimer: In no possible way are you to misunderstand me. I FUCKING HATE RAPISTS and PEDOPHILES! They should be fed to crocodiles! However, if a person has truly not been convicted of any wrongdoing, isnít it a bit presumptuous to just say ďFuck itÖI think that he did it. Letís get him!Ē Have we not learned anything for Emmett Till & George Stinney?

      Can we say that, undoubtedly, Michael Jackson is/was guilty? No. But, what we can do is speculate a whole hell of a lot. And guess what? We are entitled to do that. However, we must refrain from arbitrarily penalizing people thus handing out discipline wrapped in git-wit bias. For, if we donít, we are going to pave a path right back to a dictatorship, censorship, slave ship, sinking ship...depending on your ethnicity, take your pick!

      Oh, but since we are already on the path to destruction, riddle me this. Taking into account that we are relieving Michael Jackson of his homage, when will all of the Elvis Presley statues and memorials be dismantled, when will Jerry Lee Lewis be booted out of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and when will Woody Allen be kicked the fuck out of Amazon Studios?