• Stupid is as Stupid does. Who’s stupider?

      Stupid is as Stupid does. Who’s stupider?
      by GayLord Jacobs

      Stupid #1

      Leanne (last name omitted); while visiting the Arizona Zoo, decided that she wanted to take a selfie in front of the Jaguar cage. No problem, except…… Ms. Ignoramus, with the atypical, entitled, light bright, all of the world shall bow down to me attitude, hopped the fucking dividing fence and placed herself flush against the actual cage. (Music) Dumb, da dumb, dumb, duuummmbb.

      We all know what happened next. That jaguar (acting like a jaguar) looked at her and said “Oh yeah?” Thus proceeded to take a swipe out of that ass!

      After all was said and done, Leanne, who was sprawled on the ground in a state of shock and in agonizing pain, and who, fortunately, did not receive more severe injury, had the audacity to say that “the zoo should move their fence back.“

      Please. They had it moved back. You hopped it stupid!


      Stupid #2

      David Irving, a Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman, who was suspended last week for violating the NFL’s drug policy, has some really big foot-BALLS, to have the cheek to go onto Instagram (smoking a blunt mind you) and say that he’s prepared to “quit” football if the NFL doesn’t loosen its drug policy.

      Granted, David is in his 20’s. Stupid Leanne, of the Jaguar attack, is in her 30’s. (She really should have known better)

      Anyway… while performing his rant on Instagram, this clown, who obviously believes that employment is a joke, has erroneously mistaken the NFL’s rejection of his weed stance, to that of being comparable to the Colin Kaepernick revolt. NOT EVEN CLOSE! But, since clearly David was high during his expose’, he’s probably imaging all types of shit.

      Anyway…as David’s suspension from the NFL came prior to his social media post, that tidbit demonstrates that, for the perpetuity of smoking marijuana, dumbass is willing to leave the NFL. Side note: It doesn’t matter whether he’s leaving a job at the NFL, a Government job, a construction job, a 711 job, or whatever job, the point is, to give up the resource that’s economically sustaining you, just because you want to smoke a controlled substance, it super fucking stupid! And anyone that’s supporting you in this bullshit is stupid too!

      During his video post, David sardonically says “pass the blunt, bro.” To hell with that! I’d rather be saying, “pass the caviar” and not “pass my Mama’s homemade pate’.” I’d rather be saying “pass the keys to my car” and not asking “has anyone seen my bus pass? “

      It’s fine that you want to smoke weed. And it’s cool that other people smoke weed. But YOU better smoke that shit when you RETIRE! You signed on to work for an organization that has a DRUG POLICY! Nobody MADE you take the job!

      I don’t know what’s going on with Mr. David Irving. But, what I do know is that, when his ass turns 30, he’s going to be rolling around on the ground, crying and nursing his bad decision making like that women that got sneaked by that Jaguar!

      FYI- That jaguar was not at fault thus will not be sanctioned for behaving like the untamed wild animal that it is.