• Batman To The Rescue!

      Batman To The Rescue!
      by GayLord Jacobs

      In Kelowna, British Columbia, during a tense standoff as police were investigating a Domestic Violence situation, none other than Batman (in the Bat-mobile and everything!) showed up to Save the Day! Well, actually Mighty Mouse says that, but anyway… Although I lean a bit more toward Spiderman being the one true Super Hero, I respect this brother for wanting to help right a wrong.
      Despite his zealous willingness to intervene thus tangle with the bad guy, upon approaching the police line, local authorities advised Batman that they had the situation “under control.” The police felt that it was in the best interest of all involved to rebuff the Caped Crusader’s offer of assistance.
      I mean yeah, I can see how Batman just showing up to the scene caught the police all off guard and shit. And, given the litigious ways of the world, those Officers were probably standing there thinking “Oh no, I am not going to let this motherfucker get me sued!”

      I get it… but, nevertheless, given the current climate of Police/Society relations, although the cops did not allow Batman to intervene…as opposed to just writing him off as a Looney Tune coo coo bird and then ushering him back to the Bat-cave, I do hope that they acknowledged his efforts and thanked him accordingly.

      My only question… Where the fuck was Robin!?