• Angry Virgin

      Angry Virgin
      By GayLord Jacobs

      27 year old Christopher W. Cleary of Denver Colorado was arrested in Provo Utah on January 19th, 2019 for posting terroristic threats against women on Facebook. Cleary posted his desire to target women in a mass shooting because he has been most unsuccessful in the sexual relations department.

      Coincidently, (I think not) the day that this moron was arrested was the same day that various women’s marches were taking place across the United States.

      Colorado authorities reported that, this reject motherfucker was already on probation for stalking and threatening women in Colorado. But, apparently, attention from law enforcement was not what he was seeking. As such, he devised a plan to get the female populations’ attention full-on.

      This idiot, who is obviously single, (I wonder why) logged onto Face book and publicly registered his hatred toward all women. Therefore, he concocted a grand plan to seize an opportunity, any opportunity, to corner, and shoot, and kill, as many women as he possibly could… What better place than at a women’s march, right?

      Utah prosecutor Chad Grunander reported that, Cleary, who appeared in Federal Court on Thursday, April 11th, 2019, actually had enough fucking sense to plead guilty. Be that as it may folk, he’s still a fucktard!
      Anyway, upon being contacted for comment, Cleary’s attorney, Dustin Parmley, did not immediately return calls.

      Umm, as an attorney, it is a Disbarment Worthy offense to say “My client is guilty…don’t fall for that temporary insanity shit…fuck the trial… let’s lock his ass up!” So uh-huh, I wouldn’t have returned calls either!

      Just a thought people…At this very moment, there are approximately 3, 813,669,815 woman in the world. And, out of all of these women, none of them want to have anything to do with this clown!

      I mean, I’m no math wizard but, if he can’t get a date with this many women in the world, I really don’t think that lessening the numbers by killing any of ‘em off is going to help his cause! But, since he’s a fucking dumbass, he probably can’t comprehend that fun fact!

      Whatever the case, I truly hope that things do not work out for this guy and that ADX Florence becomes his permanent residence!

      Also, if there are any rituals out there that require virgin blood, I know where you can find some!

      Christopher W. Cleary…you got issues!