• The Irony

      By GayLord Jacobs

      Thanks but No Thanks!

      In Marin County California on Tomales -Bay, a small rescue boat that set sail to rescue a pair of distressed boaters capsized thus needed rescuing themselves. Oh the irony…

      People often have good intentions; however, it doesn’t always work out in anybody’s favor.

      Good Intentions Gone Wrong!

      1. How do you get fired the same morning that you promised to have your boss hire me?

      2. How do you invite me to move in with you so that I can save money, and then 3 hours later you get a fucking eviction notice posted on your door?
      3. How do you give me pointers on my research paper and then get an F on yours?
      4. How do you invite me to an expensive restaurant and come time to settle the tab, all of your credit cards are declined?
      5. How do you take my case pro bono, but then get locked up during my arraignment for Contempt of Court?
      6. How do you perform CPR on a person choking outside of a seafood restaurant and then go into anaphylaxis because you have a shellfish allergy?
      7. How do you teach Sky Diving and then have your parachute malfunction during the free fall?
      8. How does a police officer get involved in an accident on the way to help resolve the accident that I’m involved in?
      9. How do you invite me to attend your Dojo class and then we both get beat up while walking home from the class?
      10. How does the AAA tow truck break down on its way to give me a jump?

      The take away from this posting…Workout your own shit!