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  1. Relationships Q/A by Spirit

    ďI have been in a relationship with my girl for a little over 1yr. From the beginning she always bringing drama. I love her and want us to workout but it seems the more I bend and do the worse she acts. She does not work and is always asking for something. I donít mind doing what I can but its making me short on my end. I have tried to talk to her a gazillion times. She will act right for a minute but she goes right back to her regular self. I love her. She wants to get married and have kids. I ...

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  2. Relationships - Spirit

    No one in a relationship is always on the same page. Maybe on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, but the remaining four days of the week, most of us are running rogue and that’s okay. Bluntly put, if you are in this particular relationship for the long haul, you need to know when to compromise, when to concede and when to refuse to budge!

    But remember, your counterpart has the same rights in this partnership. What’s good for the Goose is even better for the Gander. In a

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