• Mrs. Ayesha Curry

      Mrs. Ayesha Curry

      by GayLord Jacobs

      For some reason…during an interview with Jada Pinkett Smith on ‘Red Table Talk’, Ayesha Curry decided that she wanted to dish on the dets regarding her relationship woes.

      Ayesha expressed that, because her husband, NBA basketball player, Steph Curry, is a Lady Magnet, her green- eyed monster tends to rear its ugly head. Ayesha reports that she takes issue with women salivating all over her husband, and that the magnitude of attention that Steph receives makes her feel insecure.

      She further went on to confide in Jada that she’s bothered by the fact that, over the course of the last ten (10) years, she has watched as women have thrown themselves at her husband but that she herself, on the other hand, has received zero attention from the opposite sex.

      The majority of what she said in the interview was fine. Obviously Ayesha is feeling “some kind of way” over issues in her relationship. And that, might I say, is normal. If she wants to share her inner most feelings with the world, well then who am I to say that she shouldn’t? But what I will say is that, her sharing the inner most trials between she and her husband was very disrespectful to her marriage. Sure, go to a Marriage Counselor and TELL IT ALL! TELL EVERY GODDAMN THING! But to disclose intimate details regarding your sex life, or lack thereof, to the average Joe, was insensitive, cruel, and very fucking immature! Yeah, you have a right to speak your truth, and you have a right to EXHALE. But Tweety Bird, you do not have a right to publicly humiliate and insult your husband because you are in your fucking feelings!

      As a wife who claims to love her husband, how are you so ignorant to the fact that wives do not behave in this manner!? This is not information that you read in a book, this is knowledge and understanding that grows within a marriage!

      Do you want to hear something funny Tweety Bird? Given the same scenario, with Steph as the interviewee, had he said the exact same shit about you, the #Me Too Movement would be fucking him up royally! He would win 2019’s Worst Husband of the Year Award, and he would be dubbed a womanizing sex friend for even mentioning that he coveted the attention of a woman outside of his marriage!

      Are you so caught up in the #Let’s Bash Every Man Alive Movement that you think that it was appropriate to invite strangers into your circle of marriage without a care for your husband’s feeling? Oh, apologies, I forget, Men Don’t Have Any Feeling, Right!?

      You admitted in the interview that you’d previously disclosed to your husband that, sexually “he doesn’t do it for you.” Okay, cool. No problem. You recognized that something was deficient in your marriage and thus sought to resolve the matter within the confines of your relationship. You assessed a problem, and initiated a measure to rectify it. Good deal! But, I must ask, was your husband taking too long in self -correcting the issue? I wonder because, that bullshit interview was just that, some bullshit! So, I’m just curious as to what pissed you off to the extent that you deliberately inflicted such damage upon your marriage.

      Well, based upon your interview Mrs. Ayesha, obviously you are going to DO YOU. Cool. Nevertheless, If you plan on staying married, I would suggest that you get your shit together little girl! Spoiler Alert, I don’t give a good goddamn what your husband says in the way of trying to defend your statement(s), or even brushing them off for that matter, trust and believe Tweety Bird, he may still love you, but he WILL NEVER FUCKING EVEEEEEERR forget
      this betrayal. And if you are too self-absorbed and stupid to recognize it as a betrayal, you shouldn’t be married anyway!

      Okay Ayesha, although you deserve it, I’m not going to hit you with any hot shots. I’ll just say this… Steph isn’t making you feel bad, and these other women aren’t making you feel bad. You’re making YOURSELF feel bad because you require validation from other people. STOP being jealous of YOUR husband, he loves you; otherwise you would be single right now because you have a big, disrespectful ass mouth! STOP watching Reality TV. That shit is TOXIC. STOP inviting drama into your life because you’re bored and horney. Grow the fuck up and get a hobby that doesn’t require an audience! And stop scouting for Catcalls and Whistles just because you’re in your feeling over YOU. Go Sit Your Ass Down somewhere and eat some bonbons!