• Getting Rid of Red Light Cameras

      Getting Rid of Red Light Cameras
      By Piper Holiday

      In Texas, a Bill banning Red Light Camera enforcement is on the verge of becoming law. The Texas Senate approved House Bill 1631 by a 23 to 8 vote. As the final step to the Bill passing rests with Governor Greg Abbotts’ signature, the Governor is expected to commit without reservation.

      My point of view with respect to the usage of Red Light Cameras is rather proportional. Beginning with initial implementation of the program, lawmakers argued that [the]ir intended purpose was geared toward improving overall motorist and pedestrian safety. Notwithstanding the original design of the Government’s objective is definitive confirmation that Red Light Cameras have been designated as a means of balancing city and state budgets.

      Politicians appear to have no qualm in revealing the amounts of revenue collected from cited motorist. They further have no scruple with disclosing the Government’s expectation of specific amounts of monies to be amassed prior to coming fiscal years.

      Howbeit, though they stumble about in trying to correlate the linkage between Red Light Cameras and actual Public Safety statistics, they are seamless in describing the allotment of the millions of dollars expected to be generated by way of motorist error.

      As a citizen, I am primarily pro government, and I am absolutely public safety. Nevertheless, I do not agree with motorist being swindled out of their money because an entity has the ability to do so.

      If the Government can definitively pinpoint that a specific individual was in operation of a motor vehicle when said vehicle passed a red light, that specific individual deserves a citation. Contrarily, if the Government cannot definitively prove that this specific individual committed the infraction, it is wrong to hold that person accountable based upon the sole premise of them owning the vehicle.

      If a suspected vehicle was involved in a major crime or some similar event, a proper investigation would be conducted; hopefully yielding the identity of the offender. Withal, In the event that the investigation did not result in a positive identification of the involved party; nonetheless, we must refrain from surmising to punish the owner merely because they are the “owner.”

      Hence, this method of tyranny would stand the possibility of acceptance if we had a law prohibiting vehicle owners from lending their automobiles to other licensed drivers. However, we have no such law.

      My assessment of this debacle stands at “In the wrong hands, Red Light Cameras have become financial weapons that are being utilized to commit legalized robbery. Hence, a helpful tool that should be disassembled and locked away until it can be properly and responsibly handled. “