• Is There Anything Going On Other Than Racism?

      Is There Anything Going On Other Than Racism?

      As reported by news sources everywhere, last week, Las Vegas Cosmopolitan hotel denied Rapper Meek Mills entry into the establishment. Aware of the fact that hed neither previously, nor waspresently, engaged in any relevant conflict with the establishment, Mills appropriately challenged the Cosmopolitans arbitrarily decision to deny him entry.
      Upon doing so, not only was Mills, who was seated inside of a fucking car, and had not yet affixed his feet to the pavement, threatened with the act of being placed under arrest for trespassing, but as reported by NBC News, representatives of the hotel also cited to the Rapper,Were a private property. At this time, with the information we have, we're refusing to do business with you.We have a right to do that."
      Strange because what Im hearing is Were a racist property. At all times, with the information we have made up, we're refusing to do business with Boo.Were white, we can do that."

      Mill asserted that his belief as to why he was denied entry into the Cosmopolitan was founded on the aspect of him being an African AmericanRapper. Explicitly, I concur. Mills assertion was correct because this matter here is nothing other than some 1960s Southern bullshit all over again!

      Upon Rapper 50 Centcalling for a boycott of the hotel, upon T.Idemanding an explanation as to the Cosmopolitans rationale, and upon Mills attorney, Joseph Tacopina, threatening to file suit against the business, the Cosmopolitan offhandedly offered a simplification in that of claiming that the party of which Mills was slated to attend, per the fire marshal, had already reached capacity.

      The Cosmopolitan further supplied Mills with a sloppy apology in conceding that its security personnel handled the situation most inappropriately. Hmmmm, I dont think so. I think that it was very appropriate in that security handled the shit in the exact manner of which they were instructed!

      Once provided this half hearted alibi of regret, assuredly, with Mills approval, his attorney has now chosen not to file suit. Cool. I understand foregoing the suit because this shit aint about the money. Its about the principle! And with that, this is one of those situations where an apology just wont do.

      As the Cosmopolitan will never get one red fucking penny of my hard earned money, I will be deeply disappointed if Meek Mills, 50 Cent, T.I, or any other black person EVERfucking patronizes this Hotel. And if you do, please refrain from claiming to be a part of the black strugglebecause, the personal choice of accepting this type of treatment on behalf of YOUR PEOPLEwill have proven that youaint part of shit! (Floyd Fuckboy Mayweather)

      The Black Struggle is about UNITING. Its about Owning Up, Standing Up, Having StayingPower, Being Determined,Being Unrelenting, Being Relentless When Necessaryand Commanding Change!

      It is not about giving in to ones personal comfort or preference because the Cosmopolitans sheets have a 1000+ thread count. Buy your own fucking sheets!
      Hmmm, I say what I mean and I mean what I say. Im just saying.

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