Marriage is a Lottery by Joyce Roberts

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I never knew what happiness was until I got married, but then it was too late.
When I was a young girl of 13, I thought, when I grow up, Iím going to get married 3 times.
The first time I would marry for love. We would have a fabulous wedding, get great gifts, and honeymoon on the Isle of Fiji. I would stay married for 3 months and then move on.
This didnít happen at all, except for the 3 months and moving on.

The second time around, I would marry just for the sake of it, just to pass the time while waiting for my final prey, I mean mate. This actually happened.

But the third time would be for life. This would be the person that I totally adored and would live out the remainder of my days in sheer happiness with. This hasnít happened yet and Iím pretty sure that it wonít.

The point that Iím trying to make is that we all have hopes and dreams that never come to fruition. Most times itís because we grow and change, often. Some are fortunate to find that mate that works well. I say works well because I donít believe that most married couples are happy. You may have been at one time or other, and you may be from time to time now, but itís not really ongoing.

I believe that most couples just settle in and stay married because they took vows. The sad thing is that if you were dating and or engaged for more than 2 years before you married, you were pretty much over that person when you walked down the aisle and married them. You didnít think so because you were caught up in the fan fair of bridal gowns, arrangements, decorations and the lot. I say this because there have been studies that say that people can only be in love for 18-24 months.

I believe this.

Years ago, I used to doff my hat to those that were married for 25, 30 or more years. Now I think, well whoís the idiot? I guess if you have the stamina to stand the test of the sameness day in and day out for years and years, you deserve what you get. There are all kinds of marriages. Some burn slow and steady, some start with passion and end with a body at the foot of the stairs.

Yeah, this is where husband number 2 is heading...........

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