The series finale to Games of Thrones may be one of the worst finale's that I have ever seen! When I first starting watching the show, I really couldn't get into the 1st season so I put it on the back burner until there were 5 seasons. Although I'd heard good reviews, my attention span does not cooperate with me watching a weekly show. I have to binge! Once I revisited the show in the 5th season, I was hooked! There was violence, treachery, magic and everything else you would expect to see in a war laden period piece such as that. But that series finale had me thinking "I should have stuck with never watching it!" Ughhh!

In my head I've written my own finale. Sansa became Queen of the 7 Kingdoms (only because Jon refused to accept his title), Jon accepted the position of assuming the role of the Queen's Hand, Arya led the Armies, Tywin was designated Peace Keeper, Bran was Confidant to the realm, Jamie let Cersei die and then married Brienne, Tormund became keeper of the Wall (although he was still a Wildling), Bronn became a successful merchant and Samwell (although married with children) headed the Citadel. And everyone, including Bran who was magical, had babies!

The only part of the true finale that I would not have changed was Daenerys being killed because she became the Mad Queen! However, I would have made it a showdown between she and Jon. And I would have had Drogon (dragon) not necessarily harm her, but refuse to harm Jon. With that, in Jon's defense, without being given an order, Drogon would have taken out the Unsullied and the Dothraki had they made a move against Jon. Oh, Grey Worm sailing off to Naath was fine too (kind of sweet actually) ..........Ohhhhhh, the disappointment of it all!