What is with the whole ass grabbing in public? I understand PDA- hand-holding, hugging, a kiss and so forth, but the all out, X-rated fondling and groping, to the extent it appears the people involved are getting ready to pull out condoms displays of affection are unacceptable in public places!

If you are incapable of exercising enough discretion in reserving your sexual exploits until you’re in a more appropriate environment, I would venture to say that you are a nymphomaniac, have an inferiority complex, or that you are not 100% confident that that ass that you keep grabbing is exclusively meant for you and are now exhibiting a pathetic attempt at seeking validation, nods, and whoops from an audience!

Become a porn star if you crave attention that badly!

Whatever you do behind closed doors is YOUR BUSINESS. But when you do it in public, in the presence of children, it becomes EVERYBODY ELSE’S PROBLEM! Behaving like a dog in heat for all to see is plain rude! Get some self-respect you disrespectful morons!